From Bernadette

I loved the idea of ‘not giving up’ anything but ‘adding the good’ which really does change the perspective going in on the 100 days to Health. Also saying, ‘eat as much as you like, but listen to your body’

From Dominique

Mentally it was great going into this program hearing that you need to focus on adding good habits, rather than focusing on the bad habits just yet. It was strange to hear that I had to listen to my body,

From Marike

Dear Mark and Mary- Anne I am grateful to have been part of your 100 day program. Even if i am not yet on my ideal weight, i will continue, to grow in this way of living. I apprreciate that

From Marina

‘It is the fourth time I’m receiving the 100-days-to-health email sets, since I started my journey to health 4 years ago. And EVERY time I manage to still learn something new! It’s so inspiring, if I had more influence, I

From kathryn

Dear Mary Ann A new week, new challenges. I was encouraged to the core to say the least by your email to me. I really was. I am so hard on myself!! That one very important fact I have realized