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Dear Mary Ann
A new week, new challenges. I was encouraged to the core to say the least by your email to me. I really was. I am so hard on myself!! That one very important fact I have realized and it is going to have to stop! I am trusting for grace and peace to be mine in this process! I have an interesting personality considering I’m a THIRD born!!!

Anyway, eating has been going very well. We had a long weekend and I just loved the time I had to think about and prepare food. I did some strenuous gardening and felt it in my back and upper body. Also walked every day. It was so enjoyable. Today is back to school and I also enjoy that… My fridge is stocked with healthy dishes from the weekend!

I was surprised yesterday afternoon after having a meal of about, beans and rice that I didn’t crave anything sweet afterwards. Usually after a meal like that I’d be looking for something sweet. So I’m hoping this is a new phase and it was nice not to want it.

If I look back I’ve actually seen such a tremendous change in my family. My daughter packs her own lunchbox now only packs fruit in it! By choice!

I even offer her bread or rice cakes or something more substantial but she says no. They love their fresh now and so do my husband and I. Sometimes I make us a carrot and apple juice before supper and we all drink it greedily and enjoy it whilst sitting outside enjoying the winter sun. My daughter shave learnt to love the taste of the carrot juice. In the beginning they
didn’t like it. Now they ask for more. It’s refreshing.

I’m also trusting the Lord to help me think positive thoughts,word and pray a lot for his wisdom so that I don’t take control anymore! I wake up early and have a quiet time, and get things off my chest before I start the day with children and all.

That’s all from me for now,
Love K
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