From Dominique

Mentally it was great going into this program hearing that you need to focus on adding good habits, rather than focusing on the bad habits just yet. It was strange to hear that I had to listen to my body, when you are so conditioned to follow a strict program that tells you to limit everything.

Starting each meal with raw food was strange at first, as a salad is supposed to be eaten with your meal, however it was easier on my stomach, and I did not have that heavy feeling as I normally do when I eat. Drinking all the water wasn’t something new to me, as I love drinking water and drink at least 2 litres of water a day. I loved all the recipes, it was easy to make, and tasted great.

Interesting how 5 simple steps can boost your health so much, and make your decisions so much easier when it comes to eating. The tips on day 93 were also a great help, it makes you think how much nutrients we lose daily in our food due to poor decisions like cooking or even buying of food.

I must say that I did mess up along the way, and could feel it immediately when I did, however whenever I just stuck to the 5 basic steps again, then I would recover fairly fast.
I just want to thank you guys for this great program as it helped me a lot. I have more energy than before I went into it. I sleep better at night and get away with sleeping less hour than before. I have lost a lot of weight in the proses, and just feel great all round. My gout is something of the past, and I can breathe normally.

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