From Bernadette

I loved the idea of ‘not giving up’ anything but ‘adding the good’ which really does change the perspective going in on the 100 days to Health. Also saying, ‘eat as much as you like, but listen to your body’ really helped me a lot! I have been on a lot of different diets in my life, from weighing food to counting calories etc. I have never been taught to listen to my body, because a diet program always prescribed to me how much of what I am allowed to eat. Listening to my body has given me a new sense of freedom which is fantastic!
I was excited to begin as I have read some of the testimonials in The Natural Way books and was looking forward to the changes that would take place in my life.

Love the weekly recipes we get in the program. We have so many recipes now between the recipe books and the cookery demo and Daniel Academy recipe book, we have not even made all the foods but it’s wonderful that we can keep on adding recipes and never be bored with what we can make. It really keeps it interesting! Never thought it would be possible to eat such a variety of foods by mostly eating vegetables, fruit, nuts, legumes etc.

I remember the moment we started combining our food correctly, we immediately started feeling tons better. We did not feel heavy or uncomfortable, my bowels especially started working so easily, we slept better at night and felt more rested in the morning – just to mention a few. Even to this day when we have something improperly combined, we immediately feel the ‘hangover’ feeling.

“Normal is having boundless energy and never suffering from indigestion, flatulence or constipation. Normal is having a digestive system of which you are not even aware.” – Mary-Ann Shearer
The above quote has begun my favourite quote and I challenge myself to strive for that kind of normal. When there was a slump, to pick ourselves up again and start afresh making better and better choices. The end result is so rewarding.

The most important I have learned in these 100 days is that this is not a quick fix diet but a lifestyle. All the habits we have learned and started implementing have been life-changing and the rewards just keep on coming. It is not easy every day, but it is a journey with very good days and then also very bad days. Overall we have improved our health and that of our children (and family and friends and colleagues) by so much that we too look forward to not having any medical bills anymore.
Overall impression:

Slow progress over a period of time works very well for me. It does not feel that I am ‘robbed’ of anything but rather the programs approach makes me feel that I add the good every day instead of having to eliminate the bad. Over time, the bad just does not taste as good as it used to and it becomes easier to say no to it. The motivation and sharing of regular recipes and being a Christian, the prayers and words of life spoken into the lives who read the correspondence is wonderful and so supporting. I loved being challenged with something new all the time and growing slowly into the new lifestyle. The additional free advice and tips as well as recipes were very helpful too. Very easy to follow program with emphasis on it being a journey which is so realistic compared to quick fix promises that do not work. I loved the process and the growth I and my family experienced. Thank you so very much.

From Dominique

Mentally it was great going into this program hearing that you need to focus on adding good habits, rather than focusing on the bad habits just yet. It was strange to hear that I had to listen to my body, when you are so conditioned to follow a strict program that tells you to limit everything.

Starting each meal with raw food was strange at first, as a salad is supposed to be eaten with your meal, however it was easier on my stomach, and I did not have that heavy feeling as I normally do when I eat. Drinking all the water wasn’t something new to me, as I love drinking water and drink at least 2 litres of water a day. I loved all the recipes, it was easy to make, and tasted great.

Interesting how 5 simple steps can boost your health so much, and make your decisions so much easier when it comes to eating. The tips on day 93 were also a great help, it makes you think how much nutrients we lose daily in our food due to poor decisions like cooking or even buying of food.

I must say that I did mess up along the way, and could feel it immediately when I did, however whenever I just stuck to the 5 basic steps again, then I would recover fairly fast.
I just want to thank you guys for this great program as it helped me a lot. I have more energy than before I went into it. I sleep better at night and get away with sleeping less hour than before. I have lost a lot of weight in the proses, and just feel great all round. My gout is something of the past, and I can breathe normally.

From Marike

Dear Mark and Mary- Anne

I am grateful to have been part of your 100 day program.
Even if i am not yet on my ideal weight, i will continue, to grow in this way of living.
I apprreciate that you made it ’ light’ and not heavy, not starting with all the do nots, but focussed on what is good, rather than bad.
It gave me new inspiration en motivation to come back to a healthier life style, and to keep persuing this. I loved your quotes,
And recipes.

I sincerely hope your wonderful vision en centre, will be even greater than before!
Much appeciation

From Marina

‘It is the fourth time I’m receiving the 100-days-to-health email sets, since I started my journey to health 4 years ago. And EVERY time I manage to still learn something new! It’s so inspiring, if I had more influence, I would get everyone I know to sign up if they were passionate about living to the full with optimal health as the platform to bounce from!’
I also love making a point to try make one of the recipes every day, or at least every second day. It’s easy to shop for the recipes when I keep those emails on my phone.

Thanks and kind regards,

From kathryn

Dear Mary Ann
A new week, new challenges. I was encouraged to the core to say the least by your email to me. I really was. I am so hard on myself!! That one very important fact I have realized and it is going to have to stop! I am trusting for grace and peace to be mine in this process! I have an interesting personality considering I’m a THIRD born!!!

Anyway, eating has been going very well. We had a long weekend and I just loved the time I had to think about and prepare food. I did some strenuous gardening and felt it in my back and upper body. Also walked every day. It was so enjoyable. Today is back to school and I also enjoy that… My fridge is stocked with healthy dishes from the weekend!

I was surprised yesterday afternoon after having a meal of about, beans and rice that I didn’t crave anything sweet afterwards. Usually after a meal like that I’d be looking for something sweet. So I’m hoping this is a new phase and it was nice not to want it.

If I look back I’ve actually seen such a tremendous change in my family. My daughter packs her own lunchbox now only packs fruit in it! By choice!

I even offer her bread or rice cakes or something more substantial but she says no. They love their fresh now and so do my husband and I. Sometimes I make us a carrot and apple juice before supper and we all drink it greedily and enjoy it whilst sitting outside enjoying the winter sun. My daughter shave learnt to love the taste of the carrot juice. In the beginning they
didn’t like it. Now they ask for more. It’s refreshing.

I’m also trusting the Lord to help me think positive thoughts,word and pray a lot for his wisdom so that I don’t take control anymore! I wake up early and have a quiet time, and get things off my chest before I start the day with children and all.

That’s all from me for now,
Love K
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